went up to the Mosques and excavated underneath the esplanade at the south-eastern corner.

On the night between the 17th and the 18th of April, following instructions given to them by the Irish clairvoyant, they dug a hole through the floor and went down with a rope to the water wells below.

That same night, one of the attendants who worked at the Mosque had decided to sleep outdoors on the esplanade. He was awakened by the noise, found the infidels digging their way through the esplanade and went round the city streets telling everyone what he had just seen. Parker immediately realised his adventure was over.

He packed his belongings and left Jerusalem in a hurry. However, the news of his excavation arrived in Jaffa by telegraph before he did. He was arrested upon his arrival and accused of stealing King Solomon's crown and ring, the Holy Ark and Mohammed's sword. Parker managed to escape and flee the country by sea.

In September of 1911
Parker tried to return to Jerusalem, but was dissuaded by a friend off the coast of Jaffa.

That was the end of the adventure. Juvelius and the Irish clairvoyant disappeared and so did the 125,000 dollars.