The Last Supper at the Hilton Hotel

One summer afternoon in 1992, as the chefs of the Hilton Hotel were preparing dinner as usual, a guest suddenly walked into the kitchen.

At first they took no notice, as it was not unusual for curious tourists to wander in to watch them work. Then something strange happened: the man, a member of a German touring party, asked all of the staff to leave the kitchen.

The chef politely but firmly asked the man to go back to his room, which provoked an unexpected reaction: the man flew into a rage and began to throw pots and pans across the kitchen, while shouting that he had to prepare the last supper for his group.

The chef was unable to restrain the bizarre guest and he had to call for help. Eight police officers had a most difficult time controlling the man and taking him away . They later discovered that the man had announced to his group his intention to prepare a dinner.

No one had understood he meant the Last Supper, in the true sense of the word, because he was expecting the Second Coming of the Messiah.

The German tourist was yet another victim of the Jerusalem Syndrome. The man was hospitalized for a short time and then sent home.